TRANSIT – Transversal key competences for lifelong learning: training teachers in competence based education (2012-2014)

The aim of the TRANSIt (TRANSversal key competences for lifelong learning: TraIning teachers in competence based education) is to help teachers acquire and reinforce such skills and knowledge so that they can design cross-curricular activities that support the Key Competence Acquisition of their students. Also, the project aims to support teachers in the process of assessing competences with the use of e-portfolios. To this end, the project aims to train the ICT support staff of the schools to effectively support the work of teachers and students through the creation and maintenance of local e-portfolios. Moreover, the project aims to raise the awareness of the administrative staff of schools in order to support teachers in bridging the gap between policy and practice (e.g. curricular reforms in order to support cross-curricular competence driven activities). It is also aimed at teachers’ collaboration with colleagues, in order ultimately to become innovation leaders in their institutions.

Financial entity: European Union. Lifelong Learning Programme, Comenius

IP Coordinator: EA (Greece)

UB coordinator: Mario Barajas Frutos