Projects 2010-2014

TRANSIT - Transversal key competences for lifelong learning: training teachers in competence based education (2012-2014)

Monitoring and evaluation of transversal competences through digital portfolios  (2009-2013)

A digital portfolio system for the improvement of transversal competences (2012-2013)

Development of competence in didactic analysis in the training of future high school mathematics teachers  (2012-2013)

Block Magic (2012-2013)

MASON - Mainstream sociocultural dynamics to enhance NLLLS (2011-2013)

PATWHAY - The Pathway to Inquiry Based Science Teaching (2011-2013)

WikiSkills (2011-2013)

Educational uses of the transmedia narrative (2010-2012)

Professional Competencies in Mathematics (2010-2012)

Self-assessment and self-regulation of competences in an official master's degree through a digital learning portfolio (e-portfolio) (2011-2012)

Digital Storytelling in Secondary Education (2008-2011)

PROACTIVE - Fostering Teachers' Creativity through Game-based Learning (2010-2011)

Assessment of design and use of e-portfolio, in the European Higher Education Area, as a tool for evaluation and learning by competences  (2009-2011)

RUeNTER - Permanent adult learning (2010-2011)

SCeTGo - Science Center To Go (2010-2011)

SESTEM - Supporting Equality in Science Technology and Mathematics related choices of careers (2010-2011)

SoRuraLL! - Rural Social Networking for Life-Long Learning (2009-2011)

PREDIL - Promoting Equality in Digital Literacy (2007-2011)

EFELSE - Evaluation Framework for the Evolution of LLL Strategies in Europe (2009-2010)

The use of e-portfolios for competency assessment and continuous evaluation within the European Higher Education Area (2009-2010)