Professional competencies in mathematics (2010-2012)

Evaluation and development of professional competencies in mathematics education for pre-service teacher training for Secondary  School

This project aims to generate new knowledge, resources and proposed instructional methods for developing skills in mathematics and its teaching in the initial training of teachers of high secondary  school. Also, consider how to develop the skills of prospective teachers of secondary / high school teaching sequence analysis of teaching and learning of mathematics that enable them to his description, explanation, evaluation and possible improvement. To that end we propose:

  • Initial assessment of specific skills of future teachers of secondary / high school about: (a) analysis of mathematical processes, especially in communication, problem solving and modeling, (b) assessment of math skills, (c) analysis of didactic teaching and learning processes, (d) identification of potential improvements to a process of study on new implementations.
  • Designing training programs for the development of specific skills assessed in the previous paragraph: "Analysis of mathematical objects and processes in active practice math" and to investigate its relationship with the assessment of math skills.
  • Investigate how the math (specific) competencies contribute to the development of generic communication skills about communication and citizenship.

Implementing in Spain, and also in different countries with different cultural contexts and curricula, training courses, in which the reflective teacher of future teachers of secondary / high school, through the ideas on their own work as a teacher, will start in the future teacher professional practice and the type of discourse that makes the teacher-in-Office on the practice. On the other hand, is investigating how the teacher of future teachers get (or not) the initiation.

Financial entity: Programa Nacional de Investigación Fundamental, Plan Nacional de I+D+I 2008-2011 del Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación del Gobierno de España

Date: 2010-2012

Tutor: Vicenç Font Moll

Participants: Joaquim Giménez Rodríguez, Mario Barajas Frutos, Yuli Marsela Vanegas Muñoz, Norma Rubio Goycochea, et al