MASON – Mainstream sociocultural dynamics to enhance NLLLS (2011-2013)

MASON (Mainstream SocioCultural Dynamics to enhance NLLLS) intends to investigate and discuss into the elements that directly or indirectly promote / impede the “refinement” of the prevailing learning traditions in terms of their ability to adopt lifelong learning (LLL) concepts. In order to enhance understanding on the process of reforming educational systems from a learning tradition perspective MASON intends to test a platform for on-going reflections on the ability of the LLL actors to effectively address system deficiencies in relation to LLL. MASON’s overall goal is to support the establishment and implementation of coherent and comprehensive lifelong learning strategies and complementary policies at national, regional and local levels across types and levels of education. Its concern is the transfer of innovation of practices and actions from a learning tradition to another. Overall MASON want to produce new knowledge on the relation between LLL implementation and socio-cultural dynamics, negotiates it with stakeholders through an innovative (focused) approach (Consensus Building) between stakeholders of different types and forms of education and training from diverse learning traditions.

Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2013, Support for European Cooperation in Education and Training (ECET). Transversal programme. Key Activity 1: Policy Cooperation & Innovation

Participants: DOEB - Departament de Didàctica i Organització Educativa. Universitat de Barcelona

IP Coordinator: K. Kikis-Papadakis, FORTH/IACM

IP UB: Mario Barajas Frutos

Financial entity: European Union.

Date: 2011-2013