ENGAGE – EquipTutorng Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science (2015-2017)


ENGAGE (Equipping Next Generation for Active Engagement in Science) synthesises contemporary models of professional learning and curriculum development.

Going beyond training events, its three-stage path will propel teachers in their own inquiry to become expert within the Responsible Research and Innovation area (RRI). The path requires a first stage, Adopt, which achieves take-upon a massive scale. We use a proven approach to provide an easy entry into inquiry-based teaching. It combines science-in-the-news contexts with strategies from informal learning to get students talking. An online community of practice supports teacher reflection, while online courses and workshops add coaching and feedback.

At the next stage, Adapt, they learn an expert’s toolkit of examples, explanations, anecdotes and activities to help students learn effectively, In the third step, Transform, open-ended projects put teachers and students into partnership with practising scientists, to learn about RRI directly.

Our partners bring extensive track records in teacher development and curriculum design. Building on best practice from previous projects, we intend to influence 12,000 science teachers across Europe, and extend this to pre-service teachers and their trainers.

Programme: FP7, FP7-SCIENCE-IN-SOCIETY-2013-1 (SiS.2013.2.2.1-1: Raising youth awareness to Responsible Research and Innovation

Coordinator: Sheffield Hallam University

Spanish coordinator: Mario Barajas

Data: 2015-2017