ELITe – Enhancing Learning In Teaching via e-inquiries (2016-2019)


ELITe aims to provide digital professional learning opportunities for secondary teachers’ competence development. The project wants to develop, deploy, evaluate and disseminate an innovative approach for teachers’ professional learning via inquiry methodology.

The outcomes of the project will be the development of an evidence-based framework for teacher’s competence development that can inform curriculum design for secondary teachers’ continuous professional development. Teachers leaning activities -that will inform the development of the framework- will take place via the Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) methodology, using an on-line platform for facilitating personal and collaborative inquiry learning, developed in the frame of the weSPOT project (under FP7 framework). The platform is embedded on an IBL model, supports all types of inquiry (from structured to open), allows flexibility to the user to adapt the environment to the needs of the specific inquiry and can be used for synchronous and asynchronous learning. A number of tools are integrated in the platform supporting: teachers’ reflection on their practice and tutors monitoring via a learning analytics dashboard, the linking of formal and informal activities via a mobile application, and a diagnostic instrument providing insights on inquiry skills developed by users.

Financial entity: Erasmus+
Coordinator: Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (IACM-FORTH) (Greece)

  • Open Universiteit Nederland (NL)
  • Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet Erlangen Nuernberg (DE)
  • Sofiiski Universitet Sveti Kliment Ohridski (BG)
  • University of Barcelona (ES)
  • European Digital Learning Network
  • European Parents Association (BE)

UB tutor: Mario Barajas Frutos