Digital Storytelling in secondary education

Analysis and improvement of Digital Storytelling, in a secondary education (ESO) context, as a innovative pedagogic methodology for digital alphabetization (Edulab project).

The creation of digital stories has been traditionally influenced by a methodology named “Digital Storytelling”, which was created and promoted by the Center for Digital Storytelling (Berkeley, EEUU). The research explores the use and results in formal educational processes, in the ESO context, when it is used as pedagogic methodology for digital multi alphabetization (advanced alphabetization) and also the taking part of the students in the Information and Knowledge Society. This project is carried out with the Observatory of Digital Education of the University of Barcelona and the Foundation for the Knowledge Society - Citilab Cornellà (Experimental center of convergence between the new Internet generation and the new generation of projects of the Knowledge Society).

Tutor: José Luis Rodriguez Illera

Participants: Ana Teberosky, Gloria Londoño Monroy, Jordi Quintana

Financial entity: University of Barcelona / Foundation for Knowledge Society "Citilab" in Cornellà.

Date: 2008 – 2011