Doctoral theses in 2015



During 2015 there were several several doctoral theses linked to GREAV, led by group members. Below is a list of the theses presented during 2015:

The development of meta-cognitive knowledge in digital portfolios in higher education.

Cristina Fernandez Galvan.

Director / a: José Luis Rodríguez Illera

Development of professionalism in medical education: formative evaluation of values and attitudes in professional problem-based learning.

Monica Soler Ranzani.

Director / a: José Luis Medina Moya i Francesc Martínez Olmo

ICT as a cognitive tool for school research.

Oscar Aparicio Gómez Say.

Director / a: Jordi Quintana Albalat

The techno-pedagogical appropriation in school. A case study.

Rossi Andrea Cordero.

Director / a: Mario Barajas Frutos

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