Objetives GID-EAV

The Group's objectives are divided into three types:

1. Systematize the lessons learned from the comparative use virtual learning environments and other CMS (content management system) blended or hybrid contexts. The objective includes a detailed analysis of some platforms using educational criteria, focusing on how platforms support or methodological requirements.

2. Analyze, in different university contexts, the reaction and the impact on teachers and students towards the use of virtual learning environments. Reaching an assessment model that serves teachers using virtual learning environments to assess the impact of their methodology with students.

3. Trying new teaching methods that make intensive use of technological capabilities. To do this will be implemented in several subjects, methodologies that are considered relevant and which attract special interest to be experienced: digital portfolios as an evaluation system, the use of cases and problems / projects as ways to organize collaborative learning, the student-centered learning (production of multimedia materials, interactive electronic books ...) and hybrid learning..

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