Activities GID-EAV

External training 

Training for trainers in the digital portfolio as a tool to support the pilot project CUBAC (UB Folder Learning and Skills Accreditation) of the UB

Accrediting entity: Universitat de Barcelona

Date of grant: 24/11/2010

Participants: José Luis Rodríguez Illera and Cristina Galván

Workshop e-Portfolio university teaching

Accrediting entity: Institut de Ciències de l'Educació

Date of grant: 19/01/2009

Participants: José Luis Rodríguez Illera, Gemma Aguado and Cristina Galván

Workshop e-Portfolio university teaching

Name of congress: I Journey of ICT Integration in University Teaching.

Event type: Congress

Kind of participation: Presentation

City of realization: Santiago de Chile, Chile

Realisation date: 2010

Participants: Monica Kaechele and Cristina Galván

Participation in networks of knowledge

The Group is actively involved in the Thematic Network "Electronic Portfolios" (e-portfolio), RED, which collects, promotes and research experience relevant to the educational use of e-portfolios in Spain. The collection of this data will generate a valuable report on the practice of this strategy and, in turn, make available an observatory of best practices, interesting information and documentation is collected and generated from the network. (More)

Virtual Education Seminars

The group participates in the organization of these seminars, workshop format on topics of educational research applied to the new virtual learning environments and university teaching innovation, so far there have been as follows:

• Communities of practice and learning in virtual environments (March 22, 2007)

• Technology, body and language (January 18, 2008)

• Education and information society and knowledge (13 – 16 October 2008)

• Creating Digital Stories: First conference on educational uses of digital storytelling and multimedia multimodal in Spain (February 17, 2011), in collaboration with the Centre for Digital Education and UB Citilab Cornella de Llobregat

• Digital Portfolios in the European Higher Education Area. (10 and November 11, 2011)

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