Teaching Innovation Group GID-EAV

The Teaching Innovation Group "Virtual Teaching and Learning" (in Spanish, GID_EAV) was recognized as such by University of Barcelona in 2003 and has recently  been accredited as a Teaching Innovation Consolidated Group for the period 2011-2013 due to trajectory of their Business. It has an interdepartmental since its inception, and has always been interested and focused on the analysis of teaching methods for the use of technology in university education, as well as in monitoring the potential and changes.

The objectives are defined by the problem that unifies the activities of the group: how to use new technological tools in university teaching in a pedagogically appropriate.

One of the core is the continued attempt to try new teaching methods and extend them to a group of teachers widening. Among these has gained particular relevance if the use of digital portfolios for monitoring and evaluation of student learning within the European Higher Education Area.

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