The object of the projects is to evaluate the application of an e-portfolio generator system in some university courses. The general hypothesis of improvement is based on generic characteristics of e-portfolio, objectification and externalization of learning evidences; and on other characteristics of specific system design, like the simulation of evaluative dialog and the reusable organization of evidence (a kind of “evaluative objects”), among other factors of the design. In order to carry out the project an already existing portfolio generator is used (Carpeta Digital), which will be extended to cover the new needs required by this research, as well as the virtual campus of the University of Barcelona in some subjects and degree and postgraduate courses. The system design and the organizational and interactive facilities that it brings will also be evaluated. The main purpose of the project is to obtain reliable information about the use of an IT tool (e-portfolio) in complex educational contexts (the EEES), allowing decisions to be taken about their generalized implementation, as well as achieving a better understanding of evaluation and learning processes through utilization over a period of the time.


Assessment of design and use of e-portfolio, in the European Higher Education Area, as a tool for evaluation and literacy learning.

Financial entity: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Date: 2009- 2011

Tutor: José Luis Rodríguez Illera

Participants: Joan Mateo, Francesc Martínez, María José Rubio, Jorgi Quintana, Gemma Aguado y Cristina Galván.

Digital portfolios and competences in the European Higher Education Area

Financial entity:  Programa de Millora i Innovació Docent (UB)

Date:  2009-2011

Tutor: José Luis Rodríguez Illera

Participants: Maria José Rubio, José Luis Rodríguez Illera, Jordi Quintana, Gemma Aguado, Maria Rosa Buxarrais, Antoni Font.


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